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Your face is your “window into the world.” Just like brushing your teeth, taking good care of your facial skin should come as a second nature to you; not just because of yourself, but because healthy, glowing skin is a good way to present yourself to the world.

If you want to read more about this topic, feel free to browse around out “Face Tips” category.

It’s funny how we direct so much of our attention to such a small portion of our overall skin (the face), as compared to the rest of our body.

The aim of this category is to change all that and give you some “Body Skincare Tips“.

Though the main topic of our blog is skincare tips, we’d like to spread out more into the “hair” category as it plays such an important role in our everyday life (at least when it comes to looks).

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No skincare blog would be complete without a whole category dedicated to all the accessories and “orphan” topics we can’t put in any of the above categories.

This is where we will put our generic advice and talk about stuff that is related to skincare – “Accessories

We’ve decided to divide our content into two general categories: tips and reviews; and here are some of these review categories.

The first, and most important, one deals with facial skin products, where we will discuss cleansers, toners, moisturizers and mode. You can see it here – “Face Product Reviews

Second in line is, of course, the body category. Here, we’ll be talking about products that will help you maintain a healthy, smooth skin; products that will help you, not only look, but smell fantastic as well!

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To tell you the truth, we don’t like talking about accessories much, but the ones we do talk about, we make sure we give them a through research so we can give you the best possible information.

You can find out more about those here – “Accessories Reviews

What Is Toilet Soap And Is It The Same As Bath Soap?

So, is there even a difference between toilet soap and common bath soap? Well, it depends on who you are asking. Most men (myself included up until recently) would tell you that this is just some marketing scheme; big brands wanted to charge you more money for the same product, so they coined the term “toilet soap.”But, once you get

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Do Holes From Blackheads Ever Go Away?

Oh man, this is a topic close to home. For as long as I can remember, I was always fighting, popping or trying to conceal blackheads that were running across my “T zone” (forehead, nose, and chin). But, right after I got rid of my blackhead, I saw a huge hole that stood in its place!At one point it got

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Does Olive Oil Cause Hair Fall?

This is one of the more interesting questions I came across while doing some hair fall research. Is it true or is this just a myth? Does olive oil cause hair fall/loss?Believe it or not, olive oil can cause hair fall. How? Though olive oil is fantastic for hair, using too much of it (applying it too often), may cause

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Is Body Wash More Expensive Than Bar Soap?

This is a perfectly reasonable question and one I attempted to answer myself, back when I was making the transition to body wash. So, is body wash more expensive than bar soap and is making the switch a good idea? Well, according to studies done at Mintel (one of the main market intelligence agencies), Americans are spending more and more on

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Applying Vitamin E On Your Face Overnight? Should You Do It?

If you’ve been an avid reader of Primoderm.com, you probably think I’m a bit obsessed with putting stuff on my face overnight. My first experiment was with a face mask (What Happens If You Sleep With A Face Mask), then I wrote about applying olive oil on your face overnight, and now this!Rest assured I’m not crazy or strange (well,

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What is the Difference Between Body Wash and Shower Gel?

Back in the day, this would be considered a silly question to ask. Why would we even ask it, we had bar soaps! Bar soap was, and still is (for many), a one-size-fits-all type of product… You wanna wash your face, use bar soap; taking a bath, the same; washing your hair, why not! Luckily for us, the personal hygiene industry

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Best Smelling Body Washes For Men That Smell Good All Day

I love smelling good, and I hope you do too because today I’ll be going over some of the best smelling body washes for men I came across! Men, pay close attention because we are raising the bar today. No more will our cleansing routine consist of grabbing a big block of soap and rubbing it all over our bodies. No,

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You Can Apply Olive Oil On Face Overnight! Here’s Why!

After one of my most recent experiment, (applying a face mask overnight), I wanted to tackle the next topic that sparked my interest – what are the benefits of applying olive oil on your face overnight, and should you use it to your face every night?And the answer to the first question is yes, of course (for most people)! You

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Should Toner Be Alcohol Free?

When I was younger and didn’t know better, I used to use harsh products on my skin. I would always try to scrub off as much of excess oil as possible, leaving my skin feeling tight and dry. And I always got the best results using a product that contained alcohol. But, as the years went by, and I started

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Whiteheads On Nose Keep Coming Back? Here’s Why:

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of dealing with whiteheads (myself included), knows all too well the frustration and anger you feel once you look at yourself in the mirror and notice a brand new zit that was not there a minute ago!Right then and there you decide to pop it, despite previous promises you made to yourself, hoping that’s

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When Should I Use Rosehip Oil (In Skincare Routine)?

I have to admit I only started to use rosehip oil recently. But it quickly became one of the crucial ingredients in my skincare routine. I would often use it daily since it proved to be extremely useful in helping my skin recover and heal. But what is the right time to use it, in other words, when you should

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Does Your Face Feel Tight After Washing?

Do you ever get that, almost unpleasant, feeling of tightness in your facial skin right after you’ve washed it? I used to think this was a good thing… because my facial skin is excessively oily, I thought that removing all that extra oil meant I was doing a good job. Luckily for me, I quickly gave up on this poor habit

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